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Physician Assisted Weight Loss

Physician-Assisted Weight Loss

Aptiva Health & Wellness combines medical consultation, nutritional guidance, and exercise programs to set the patient up for success. This program includes consistent monitoring of the patient's body composition and blood work in combination with a nutrition and fitness coach to guide the way. Diet and exercise are proven to be two of the most important factors for longevity and getting to a healthy body weight.


Maintaining a healthy diet and activity level is increasingly difficult as we are constantly exposed to high caloric, heavily processed foods during an overwhelmed daily routine. Our team of nutrition and fitness coaches will motivate you through your journey. In conjunction with a patient specific treatment plan developed by the physician, patients can expect to see real results that are lasting.


Depending on the patient's goals, the physician-assisted weight loss program may include the following:


  • Exercise

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Supplements

  • Medications

  • Health Coaching

  • More!

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