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We’re based in Louisville,


Our facility is conveniently located in East Louisville off 1-64 and Hurstbourne Parkway. Beyond our physical location, we also offer patients telehealth and virtual healthcare appointments. 

Our Packages

Louisville, KY

This package includes management of medical conditions during normal business hours. Patients will have access to on-site urgent care visits and telehealth visits by appointment. Patients will receive direct access to medical team for ongoing primary care treatment and other acute medical needs.

Louisville, KY

This package includes medical consultations, planning, and continued management of physician-prescribed hormone optimization therapy, weight-loss protocols, or longevity regimen. Patients will receive convenient contact with medical team and access to professional health and fitness coaching.

Louisville, KY

This package includes a personalized concierge medical treatment plan, physician-prescribed hormone replacement treatment, longevity protocol, peptide therapy, and weight loss plan. This package inlcudes all medication management and direct access to the medical team, health coaches, and physical therapists.

Louisville, KY

This package is an economical way for employers to provide a complete health and wellness package for their employees. Our corporate memberships not only include concierge medicine and direct medical access, but injury prevention training and our complete wellness package.

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